We're a data services company.

We use GIS technology to help brand owners thrive throughout emerging markets in Asia.

What we do?

Through the use of GIS technology, we help clients link granular market data to business data to improve retail distribution and marketing in an omni-channel world.

We help client to identify its royal client characteristics and segments, and analyze its spatial relationship via data mining to build performance prediction model and scenario test for network planning and execution.
Retail industry
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Multinational Corps.
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Shanghai & Taipei

Effectively Spot Trends and Opportunities in the market.

We believe data power. It helps business to better define territories and strategies and capture new potential more efficiently, and set measurable benchmark for business performance.

Identify areas and channels to get target customers.

Location is major component for retailing business. Understand consumer journey and distribution is they key for networking planning. Identify right location to consumer will increase store productivity and have better campaigns in new omni-channel world.

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