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Network Optimization

Target growth and retail hotspots to match network coverage with demand.

Locate market potential by grid in the study market
Evaluate current network coverage against store performance

Map current market competition status

Prioritize trade zones/ micro area for growth opportunity and issues

Create a standardized decision making process for store development

Network Optimization
  1. Understanding a store's performance compared to trade zone market potential gives brand owners the ability to identify which stores are underperforming or outperforming potential.
  2. As an example, door X in TZ-12 should be maintained as it is reaching targeted market share in a high potential trade zone.
  3. Both doors Y and Z are underperforming, however TZ-02 has a much lower market holding capacity, so investment into door Y in TZ-23 will yield a much higher return.
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Revenue Estimation

Better predict store performance potential to reduce the risk.

Analyze the sales performance of existing stores

Compile possible factors of the store location attributes

Identify key factors that influence store performance

Build a revenue estimation model to assist on store performance assessment

Design a model application tool and process

Review and improve the model going forward

Revenue Estimation2
  1. Group historical store performance level with compiled location attributes.
  2. Identify key factors from store attributes and location characteristics.
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Trade Zone Analytics

Define trade zone based on market potential and consumer behavior to help better network management decision.

Define trade zone boundary with estimated potential
Prioritize the trade zone based on the potential

Highlight the characteristics of the trade zone

Plan the store network by trade zone

Improve merchandizing by trade zone based on its type

  1. Categorize trade zone by types based on its characteristics.
  2. Use trade zone to plan store network and its format.
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CRM Analysis

Know customer distribution and purchase pattern better for target marketing.

Compile customer historical purchase behavior
Map where customers are and where engage them

Find out the purchase trend

Identify the purchase pattern by segment

Create appropriate marketing strategy to each consumer segment

  1. Continuously track where the member distribution and come from.
  2. Compare the trend and identify where is the new growing potential market.
  3. Impalement effective marketing campaign in the right areas.
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Demographic Segmentation

Create value-added demographic and business point data for use in China, India, and Southeast Asia.

Grid Demographic: distribution of total population, working population, household number, and age
Wealth Indicator: model the distribution of wealth based on household income/expenditure and property pricing distribution

Heat Maps: these are useful for quickly understanding new markets in terms of where people live, work, and shop 

Customized Market Potential: we can customize a market potential heat map for your business based on your target consumers, key competitors, synergistic POI, and other market related factors

  1. Standardize the demographic by grid for easier usage.
  2. Use heatmap to highlight the location focus and attractions for consumers.
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City Ranking

Target the right cities. Grow your business.

Estimate the total nationwide market potential segmented by region, city tier, and per brand
Calculate optimal door count

Know optimal door count projected forward 5 years

Insight into untapped cities for first mover advantage

city ranking pic
  1. The strong Retail Market Index in Hangzhou shows good potential along with a high per capita GDP. However, the high number of modern retail doors per capita indicates the city might be reaching saturation.
  2. Looking further down toward cities like Shenyang, high per capita GDP but a lower retail penetration warrants a deeper look at store expansion.
  3. Shenyang reveals a strong retail index but lower doors per capita, indicating potential for a first-mover advantage.
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