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Network Optimization, Revenue Estimation, Kiwi

Main Solutions  ⇂

Network Optimization
Revenue Estimation
Kiwi, a GIS platform

Background: KFC, the second-largest restaurant chain in the world.

KFC, found in 1930, is the second-largest restaurant chain in the world with almost 20,000 locations globally in 123 countries and territories. They opened the first chain in Taiwan in 1985, and spent only 14 years to open 100 stores.

  1. Operation loss and negative growth
  2. Waste too much human resource
  3. Do not have right to control their survey

Traditionally, KFC used too many staff resources and time to assemble data with further support from sites surveys to making site decisions, and sometimes employees would not depend on a precise data but rely on their own feeling to choose a location to open a new chain. But some locations actually did not suitable to open a fast food restaurant even that site have a big sum of population. So KFC wanted a standard procedure to solve this problem.

For their survey needs, KFC had been outsourcing to private vendors, who were still using paper-based systems to conduct surveys. This outdated paper-based conducting surveys required large amounts of time, and gave KFC Taiwan little ability to manage the process. So they want a digital survey tool to let them can control everything by themselves.

Main Solution Methods we used in this case:
  1. Network Optimization
  2. Revenue Estimation
  3. Kiwi, a location intelligence platform

To find out the current stores that did not suitable for opening, we investigated each current store and turned in the reports that included competitors’ analysis, population structure, etc. to KFC Taiwan for helping those knowing pros and cons of each store. After 3 years, KFC wanted to start learning analyzing sites by themselves. We applied all data that KFC need to our Kiwi, a location intelligent platform. In this platform, employees in KFC can search each target site easily by themselves, even they do not a professional. They can explore and preview the market for channel planning, identify target areas, manage trade zone and competitors, and generate reports in pre-defined format if employees of KFC need to report a project to their supervisors. 

For solving the second problem, getchee created retail trade zone survey tool, RTZ, putting control of survey projects back into KFC Taiwan hands and helping them cut down cost and time spent on survey projects by 40%. So, in fact, KFC Taiwan satisfied with our Kiwi platform and RTZ. Because both of them not only save time for finding out the new right site but also help them find out their target customers and use the right marketing strategies to boost their revenue.

√  Cut down cost and time spent on survey projects by 40%
√  Enhance working efficiency
√  Reduce investment risk for opening a new store

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