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Some of the folks we work with.

It has been a privilege to work with some of the
world's largest retail and bank brands.

Our Clients
getchee has not only provided us with a friendly tool for analyzing our current
and potential customers, it has given us great insight on opportunities.
??Arthur Cheng, IT Manager, L'Oréal Taiwan

Our Clients

We've had over 11 years of experience working with clients in emerging markets.

We primarily work with international retail and bank brands that have an existing presence in Asia, as well as brands local to Asia. Although we focus on the retail and banking industries, we?ve worked with clients in the automotive and FMCG industries as well. We highly value our long-term client relationships and are committed to our clients' success.

Most of our clients maintain large BI and ERP databases that contain everything from POS data to customer information. They believe in leveraging the location attributes of their data for strategic use in their sales, marketing, and expansion planning.

getchee is in a unique position in Asia to help brand owners find new perspectives by which to understand their markets.

Let us work for you. ??We'd love to find out how to work with you and your company. Get in touch with us.

Case Studies

Solutions from getchee have made real-world differences for global brands.

Starbucks ??With escalating capacity and competition, time and speed to market in untapped territories increase Starbucks?s effort to remain a leader in the Thai marketplace. See how getchee data helped solve this problem. Read this study.

McDonald's ??With domestic and intentional competition in the Filipino fast-food market, McDonald?s needed accurate market insight to understand the fast food environment. Read this study.

Taishin Bank ??In a downturn market, optimization and branch network planning are critical elements to ensure business continues to thrive. Taishin was able to take advantage of hard to get market data and put it to good use. Read this study.

Unilever ??Unilever provides spices and chicken broth by delivery to restaurants throughout Shanghai and Guangzhou. Due to market size and constrained methods of distribution, UFS is unable to accurately gauge market penetration. Read this study.