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We're a data services company.

We use GIS technology to help retail and bank brands
thrive throughout emerging markets in Asia.

What we do.

We create and validate market data for business use throughout China, India, and Southeast Asia.

Through the use of GIS, we help companies compare and visualize business data against our market data on a map. We maintain a database that supports over 100 cities and three types of data: demographics, points of interest, and heat maps.

We make this market insight accessible through raw data acquisitions, consulting services, and software tools. We are committed to making these outputs valuable to our clients.

Why it matters.

By visualizing business and market data on a map, you can better communicate, validate, and discover.

Communicate ??By enabling your business data on a map, you can increase transparency throughout your organization.

Validate ??Validate your instincts by understanding your markets in terms of share, penetration, and target consumers.

Discover ??By analyzing the location components of your data, you have a new perspective by which to plan your strategies.

We're a data services company

More about GIS and how it can benefit you.

About eighty percent of all data stored in corporate databases has a spatial component.

GIS technology is a readily available and accepted practice in the west; however its use in Asia is just now growing in popularity. getchee is focused and committed to bringing value to our clients through the use of GIS and spatially-enabled data. Through the use of this technology, you can find value in several areas throughout your organization:

Sales ??GIS allows you to more effectively spot trends in information and in the market. This in turn allows your sales to better define territories and strategies to capture new potential, better manage sales in the field, and set realistic KPI based on the learning's.

Marketing ??GIS allows you to find areas containing concentrations of your target consumers. By doing this, you can plan, execute, and track better campaigns that are aligned for your consumers. You'll be empowered with a better system to understand how location directly affects the success rate of your marketing efforts.

Expansion Planning ??GIS plays a vital role in network distribution planning and site selection. It helps you define key trade zones within a city, and understand market potential for a given geography. At a micro level, it can help you understand important geo-factors that contribute to better revenue generation, which can in tern be used for more effective expansion planning.

A little history.

We have over 11 years of experience offering value to clients operating in Asia.

Background ??getchee was founded by Bruce Berkman in August 2007. It grew from a services company called Geopro, who found a niche in Asia servicing bank and retail clients with better store and branch network distribution planning and site selection. Through the operation of this business, its founder and core members realized a clear market demand for standardized data and tools across the Asia-Pacific region; getchee was born because of this need.

Philosophy ??We believe in long-lasting, valuable relationships with our clients. We understand that our clients have played a great role in helping us develop as an industry leader in Asia, and we take great effort in making sure that every output we provide is money well-spent by our end users. We are always willing to go the extra length to ensure lasting relationships and trust.

Culture ??We're a young company filled with energetic, bright people. We are fortunate to have leaders within our organization that are playful, yet professional. The people at getchee are positive and supportive to our vision of providing the best service and value to our clients as possible.