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China Insight

We?ve created a standardized dataset for more than 50 cities that will help your sales, marketing, and expansion planning.

What can you accomplish with this data?

Find target customers, prioritize geographies, and compare store performance against market data.

Whether you are a new market entrant, or have an existing network in China, this data will help validate your sales, marketing, and expansion decisions, and better manage the risk of operations.

Use it to estimate gross and net market potential (derived from target consumers, competitors, and synergy brands) for geographies and key trade zones. Use it to better understand and adjust your existing store network by comparing performance and operating expenses (POS and fixed/variable costs) to the market data.

How do you use this data product?

This data can be analyzed via GIS tools such as ESRI?s ArcGIS or Map Box?s Tile Mill, BI software, or MS Excel.

Sales, marketing, or business analysts can plug this data into standardized tools to support distribution planning, sales territory creation, and marketing research amongst other activities.

Example ??Let?s say you?re a retail apparel brand, and you want to notify your customers about a year-end sale. By loading this data into an Excel spreadsheet, you can quickly discover areas with a large number of target consumers. Use this information to invest in leaflet distribution, location-based SMS, and other marketing activities.