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Market Potential Analysis

Through the analysis and mapping of target consumers and competitors, find market gaps with high earning potential.

Map Target Customers

Locate target customers on a map to see where potential exists.

Data-driven analysis in the form of serivices and/or tools can allow you to locate geographic areas that contain high densities of target demographic segments. You can literally see them as a layer on top of a map. This powerful visualization of your target consumers allows you to discover gaps and opportunities in the marketplace.

The benefits of effectively mapping your target consumers can help you understand market potential for a single store, a network of stores, or an entirely new market all together.

It's not rocket science, but it does require the right data, services, and tools to understand how to properly locate and map your target consumers.

Analyze Competitor Impact

Understand impact of competing brands on your retail network.

Once target consumers have been mapped, we identify and locate key competitors.

At getchee, we focus a considerable amount of effort on tracking multinational and local brands throughout Asia. In most cases, we have every large retail and bank brand mapped to a point (latitude and longitude), as well as detailed information including address, name, and phone number.

Gap Discovery & Prioritization Planning — By estimating the amount of the market cannibalized by competitng brands, getchee can determine the amount of gross and net potential remaining in target geographies. This can help expose previously unseen market gaps, and help prioritize areas for expansion planning.

Key Retail Analysis
Focus Markets in Asia
  • Asia Pacific
    China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand.
  • India & The Middle East
    India, Turkey, United Arab Emirates.

Market Sizing Analysis — Estimate the total number of target consumers, average expenditure, and purchase frequency to determine the total market size in terms of dollars. This analysis is available from a country, city, and retail trade zone level.

Find out more about sizing retail markets in China, India, and S.E. Asia.

Retail Network Optimization — By comparing existing store locations to prioritized market potential, determine the steps necessary to adjust a retail store network to best cover a market, while improving overall store performance.

Find out more about optimizing a retail store network in China, India, and S.E. Asia.

What can you do with this?
  • Prioritize your markets based on high retail earning potential.
  • Streamline development processes by targeting high potential areas.
  • Better manage risk by choosing real estate with optimal turnover.