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Retail Network Optimization

Maximize your retail store locations to effectively cover market demand and increase brand visibility.

Assess Your Store Network

Find out if your current network is aligned with high potential areas.

Mapping the locations of your current store network against market potential (analysis based on target consumers, competitors, and synergy brands) helps to reveal information about the effectiveness of your store coverage.

An analysis of your store performance data (POS data) can add an additional layer of insight needed to fundamentally understand what market factors have an effect on store performance.

Mining Additional Insight — Through the assessment of your retail network, you will not only have more insight about why underperforming stores don't do well, but you'll have a clearer picture of what spatial characteristics positively and negatively effect store performance.

Identify Gaps & Overlaps

Find high potential areas for new store expansion planning.

Once gaps in the market are discovered, your development team has the insight needed to optimize your network to best cover market demand, and run a more well-tuned retail store network.

Expansion & Optimization Plan — A store expansion plan can be created based on prioritizing areas. At getchee, we provide a service to help brand owners create an appropriate store rollout plan that identifies and prioritizes areas for expansion.

We provide a cloud-based solution called KiwiTM for retail site selection and market potential analysis. KiwiTM can be embedded within your business process to help reduce time, cut costs, and manage risk by validating new store openings vs. potential.

Key Retail Analysis
Focus Markets in Asia
  • Asia Pacific
    China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand.
  • India & The Middle East
    India, Turkey, United Arab Emirates.

Market Potential Analysis — Find market gaps with high retail potential. Through the analysis and mapping of target consumers, competitors, and synergy brands, understand where potential is at country, city, and trade zone levels of geography.

Find out more about finding retail potential in China, India, and S.E. Asia.

Retail Network Optimization — By comparing existing store locations to prioritized market potential, determine the steps necessary to adjust a retail store network to best cover a market, while improving overall store performance.

Find out more about optimizing a retail store network in China, India, and S.E. Asia.

What's answered with this?
  • Identify market factors that positively and negatively effect performance.
  • Understand gross and net market potential for better retail planning.
  • Develop a sustainable pipeline for store expansion and coverage planning.