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Retail Site Validation

Estimate retail sales and likelihood for success for new sites through a trade area analysis and scorecards.

Trade Area Analysis

A snapshot analysis of the area served by a store location.

A trade area analysis provides critical insight needed to understand whether a potential site will be successful and generate enough revenue to cover costs and make profit.

In this analysis, we define the number of target consumers, competitors, ease of accessibility, and retail synergy within the trade area. By doing this we can grade and rank new sites in terms of quality trade areas where the greatest amount of the market can be captured, while lowering the total risk of the investment.

Predict Sales Revenue — Using spatial comparison techniques, we identify other stores in your network that have similar trade areas in terms of demographics and retail characteristics; we call this an analog store comparison. This can be used to predict revenue ranges for new sites.

Site Scorecard Development

Additional data collection from the field useful for validation.

The development and use of physical site scorecards helps to ensure the collection of relevant, useful data needed to determine factors that help to validate the success of a new store. This data may be in the form of a footfall traffic count, visibility scores, or physical site quality scores.

We work with brand owners to create both digital and print scorecards, and then embed them as a step in the site selection business process.

Regression Analysis Using Scorecards — Once relevant data is collected using scorecards, our service team or software solutions can analyze the data to find correlations between the data and performance. These correlations can be used as additional factors when validating the success rate of a new site.

Key Retail Analysis
Focus Markets in Asia
  • Asia Pacific
    China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand.
  • India & The Middle East
    India, Turkey, United Arab Emirates.

Market Sizing Analysis — Estimate the total number of target consumers, average expenditure, and purchase frequency to determine the total market size in terms of dollars. This analysis is available from a country, city, and retail trade zone level.

Find out more about sizing retail markets in China, India, and S.E. Asia.

Retail Network Optimization — Find market gaps with high retail potential. Through the analysis and mapping of target consumers, competitors, and synergy brands, understand where potential is at country, city, and trade zone levels of geography.

Find out more about finding retail potential in China, India, and S.E. Asia.

What's answered with this?
  • Predict retail sales by identifying analog stores in your network.
  • Validate success of potential sites by measuring estimated potential.