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City Ranking Study. Macro-level insight into thriving markets through business drivers at national and city levels.

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City Ranking Study

Target the right cities. Grow your business.

The city ranking results shown above cluster China's cities into key groups for targeting expansion. Some fundamental insights gained from this basic study are: (1) The strong Retail Market Index in Hangzhou shows good potential along with a high per capita GDP. However, the high number of modern retail doors per capita indicates the city might be reaching saturation. (2) Looking further down toward cities like Shenyang, high per capita GDP but a lower retail penetration warrants a deeper look at store expansion. (3) Shenyang reveals a strong retail index but lower doors per capita, indicating potential for a first-mover advantage.

City Ranking Studies may comprise of target customer segmentation data and market share insight based on business requirements. Read the case study on how one of the world's largest multi-brand owners used a getchee Consulting Services City Ranking Study to prioritize their city expansion strategy in China.

Following the identification of cities for development, such as Ningbo or Shenyang, a brand owner can perform a more in-depth analysis via a Greenfield Market Study to identify and target high potential trade zones.


Know the total nationwide market potential segmented by region, city tier and per brand. Calculate optimal door count. Identify sales channels with highest gap potential.


Develop marketing and sales strategies to match highest gap potential. Benchmark your brand to competitors. Prioritize cities with most potential.


Invest in channels which will yield highest returns. Know optimal door count projected forward 5 years. Insight into untapped cities for first mover advantage.

Sample Study
For a deeper understanding of a GCS City Ranking Study please download the sample or send us an email.