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Greenfield Market Study. Target market and trade zone analyses for smart store and branch network development.

market sizing | market segmentation | trade zone analysis
Greenfield Market Study

Prioritize a market attack plan. Reap rewards.

Demographic and wealth distribution in booming cities is often fluid and not immediately obvious, therefore new market entrants need an in-depth analysis of cities and their trade zones to make informed market entry decisions.

To gain the best foothold in key markets in China, India, and Southeast Asia, it's important to first gain a presence in the top trade zones. After performing a City Ranking Study, the top trade zones in a brand owner's target cities are ranked by potential. The above graphic shows key trade zones across Wuhan and Chengdu prioritized by market potential. Since a brand owner now knows which trade zones are likely to yield the fastest return, he or she can start to look for an ideal flagship location. With access to Kiwi™, a brand owner can continually analyze the city and find optimal store locations. Read the case study on how a multinational CDR expanded its network of locations, offering more choices to the growing middle-class in mainland China.

By using demographic data distributed to 1km2 grid levels, a brand owner gains a macro-level view of their target city and a micro-level view of priority trade zones. Kiwi™ also provides an ongoing analysis of the cities.


Know demographic distributions at 1km2 grids. Visualize the competitor and benchmark brands landscape across the city. Calculate market potential in each trade zone.


Rank trade zones and analyze trade areas in target cities. Ongoing trade zone and site analysis with Kiwi™. Compare and prioritize potential sites.


Establish your brand in the best locations. Negotiation leverage over real estate brokers with Kiwi™. Standardized operating procedures for site selection that are in line with predicting store performance.

Sample Study
For a deeper understanding of a GCS Greenfield Market Study please download the sample or send us an email.