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Advising the world's leading brands.

Through GIS technology, getchee consultants help brand owners make intelligent business decisions in Asia.

What do we do?

Through GIS and map-enabled data, we advise brand owners how to capture more market opportunity.

Our consulting team is composed of business and technical analysts who fundamentally understand the importance of demographic and market data to brands operating in Asia. This data, when combined and analyzed against traditional business data, highlights areas of a market where growth potential is high, brand presence is under-penetrated, and market gaps are the greatest.

A getchee consulting service can add important insight to your sales, marketing, and development teams. By harnessing the “where” components of your data, you?ll gain an edge over the competition.

How do we work with you?

We build long-lasting relationships with our clients. We?re eager to help you solve difficult challenges.

Our team works hard to understand the problems and challenges your organization faces, and then works to identify best practical solutions for those problems. Whether your business has suffered from rising costs due to urbanization, heated competition, or a lack of market data for expansion planning, our team has strong experience and skills to help overcome these challenges.

We would be delighted to speak with you directly about the issues you?re facing expanding or operating in Asia. Get in touch with us via email at, or call us at (886) 2-7722-3600.

Nearly 70 percent of all business data contains a location component.

Core Services

We have a team of analysts with business and technical skills focused at understanding the needs of retail and bank brands operating in Asia.

City Ranking ??Whether you?re a new market entrant or an existing player, expanding your brand into new regions takes careful consideration. How do you select the right markets from a macro perspective? How do you compliment your local knowledge with objective insight for further validation?

As a core service, getchee consultants can help you gain macro-level insight at a country level on strategic expansion opportunities per region, city, and tier. Reports can help you rank cities and evaluate trade areas in China, India, and Southeast Asia according to market size and potential.

Network Optimization ??Understanding where and how to effectively expand a network of stores or bank branches in a city is extremely challenging. The odds are against your brand success in many cases, so making the right expansion decisions is critically important. How do you expand your coverage to penetrate a higher percentage of the market?

Market potential and cannibalization analyses can help identify areas, or trade zones, in a city based on the number of competitors, target consumers, and other key market drivers. These key analyses provide insight to brand owners for network optimization and expansion.

Greenfield Market Analyses ??Whether you’re a retailer or bank, greenfield expansion opportunities should be weighed in a standardized way. This is a key service our consulting output provides; a measurable way to look at large markets across cities, and then within cities down to key trade zones. We leverage customer profiling, brand tracking, and business location intelligence to paint a clearer picture of new markets to help you make the best site selection and business development decisions possible.

Focus Markets in Asia
  • Asia Pacific
    China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand.
  • India & The Middle East
    India, Turkey, United Arab Emirates.
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