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Store Network Optimization

Improve the productivity of your retail stores in Asia while reducing the risk of bad capital investments.

Who is this best suited for?

This solution is ideal for retail brands operating in China, India, and S.E. Asia with over 50 stores.

We work with many of the world's top retailers in China, India, and Southeast Asia. We understand your challenges and objectives. This solution is geared for retailers who already have a presence in Asia, but are looking for optimal network coverage, increased market share, and more productive stores.

What can it help you do?

This solution can increase the productivity of your stores and help streamline your planning processes.

This solution supports the entire market planning process from data-driven research, to reporting, to a streamlined site approval process. It helps your development and operations teams quickly evaluate new locations, examine reasons behind positive/negative store performance, and backs local knowledge with objective data.

Key Values
  • Increase Market Share
    Output supports network tuning for optimal coverage.
  • Gain Objective Viewpoint
    Market data allows you to validate local knowledge and instincts.
  • Enhance Business Processes
    Efficient site finding by locating areas, then ranking, then validation.
  • Increase Store Productivity
    Align stores with high potential, increasing the likelihood of success.
  • Data
    Standard and customized market data including demographic segmentations, POI intensities, and economic trends.
  • Services
    Data modeling, market analyses, reports, and integration of tools and business processes.
  • Tools
    Data collection tools and web-based data visualization software to improve market planning.

Assess Your Store Network

Find out if your current network is aligned with high potential areas.

Mapping the locations of your current store network against market potential (analysis based on target customers, competitors, and synergistic brands) helps to reveal information about the effectiveness of your store coverage.

An analysis of your store performance data (POS data) can add an additional layer of insight needed to fundamentally understand what market factors have an effect on store performance.

Mining Additional Insight — Through the assessment of your retail network, you will not only have more insight about why underperforming stores don't do well, but you'll have a clearer picture of what spatial characteristics positively and negatively impact store performance.

Identify Gaps & Overlaps

Find high potential areas for new store expansion planning.

Once gaps in the market are discovered, your development team will have the insight needed to optimize your network to best cover market demand, and run a more well-tuned retail store network.

Expansion & Optimization Plan — A store expansion should prioritize market gap coverage while reducing the risk of cannibalization. At getchee, we provide a service to help brand owners create an appropriate store rollout plan that identifies and prioritizes areas for expansion.

We provide a cloud-based solution called KiwiTM for retail site selection and market potential analysis. KiwiTM can be embedded within your business process to help reduce time, cut costs, and manage risk by validating new store openings vs. potential.

What brands is this solution best suited for?