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3 Trends Driving Localization in Asia

Made in Asia by Asia for Asia.
Asian brands continue to grow in both recognition and perceived quality among local buyers, which is leading to a boom in products that aren’t just made in Asia, but made with the Asian consumer in mind.

The driver behind this is the race for the Asian consumer, which has meant more competition and higher expectations on the Asian consumer side. Asian consumers aren’t just satisfied with a quality product anymore and they are becoming more and more receptive to high quality Asian brands, but they also want things that are made with their specific needs in mind as well. Here at getchee we’ve worked with a number of clients who have embraced these trends.

Here are three trends you can expect to see more of in Asian markets this year as localization drivers.

1. Maturing Emerging Markets
The affluent Asian consumer continues to grow rapidly, which means competition is intensifying for their Yuan, Won, Baht, and Rupees like
never before. Big brands from around the globe recognize this and are adapting their strategies to remain in the game.

2. Local Flavor
As the affluent consumer grew in Asia, so did their desire to show it off. Which meant that luxury brands from Europe and the US saw an explosion of growth as the newly weathly rushed to buy up western goods. Now many of these consumers are are looking local again, and desire to see the success of homegrown brands. This means Asian brands that weren’t true players just a few years ago are getting the spotlight, and seeing themselves competing with, if not exceeding some of the biggest brands in the global market. For example, read about how Xstep, a growing Chinese sportswear brand, is expanding in China. The fact is that Asian consumers have their arms wide open to Asian brands in a way they never did before.

3. Hometown Advantage
While multi-national brands have taken great steps to localize their products and develop smarter expansion strategies in Asian emerging markets, many Asian brands and businesses just “get” Asian consumers. They understand what Asian consumers want and need in a way that  loads of competitors are fighting to match.

As Asian brands and Asian brand awareness continues to be pushed forward by market trends, companies competing in these markets should be closely watching and adjusting their strategies to remain competitive.

 By Chris Hubbard 
   Market Strategy


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