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4 Easy Ways To Leverage The Power Of Geomarketing Right Now

Understanding how geospatial data and location services are being leveraged for more strategic marketing.

The core components of geomarketing requires, at it’s most fundamental level, a set of digital maps combined with heavy data and analytical tools. While Facebook, and other large user based social media sites, are able to leverage their own massive databases for marketing use, most people find geomarketing to be an allusive topic. Learning more about geo-marketing specifically can help retailers and brand owners understand how geospatial data and marketing is now being combined for more effective strategies.

Below are some useful article links for geomarketing, which explain the concepts, applications and useful tools needed to fully leverage geomarketing strategies.

A short article that lists the three main tools that consumers are using to find a business, products or services close to their geography

An infographic article that clearly defines geomarketing, how its being used by brands and retailers, and statistics about its use and growth as a marketing strategy.

Another infographic that explains how local business can leverage geomarketing techniques on a small but effective scale.

An in-depth pdf white paper on geomarketing that discusses what geomarketing is and how companies can benefit from implementing its strategies.

By Sam Ho 
SVP, Data Intelligence

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