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5 Of The Best TED Talks On Mapping

A collection of the best TED Talk videos on the subject of mapping.

Today is a great day to sit back and watch a few inspiring videos. For all you mapping nerds out there, here’s my picks of the 5 best TED Talks on Maps and related technology. All the videos include Chinese subtitles, hope you enjoy, and let us know what you think.

1 – Aris Venetikidis – Making sense of maps
Map designer Aris Venetikidis is fascinated by the maps we draw in our minds as we move around a city — less like street maps, more like schematics or wiring diagrams, abstract images of relationships between places. How can we learn from these mental maps to make better real ones? As a test case, he remakes the notorious Dublin bus map.

2 – Blaise Aguera y Arcas – Augmented-reality maps
In a demo that drew gasps at TED2010, Blaise Aguera y Arcas demos new augmented-reality mapping technology from Microsoft.

3 – Lalitesh Katragadda – Making maps to fight disaster
As of 2005, only 15 percent of the world was mapped. This slows the delivery of aid after a disaster — and hides the economic potential of unused lands and unknown roads. In this short talk, Google’s Lalitesh Katragadda demos Map Maker, a group map-making tool that people around the globe are using to map their world.

4 – Parag Khanna – Mapping the future of countries
Many people think the lines on the map no longer matter, but Parag Khanna says they do. Using maps of the past and present, he explains the root causes of border conflicts worldwide and proposes simple yet cunning solutions for each.

5 – Steven Johnson – How the “ghost map” helped end a killer disease
Author Steven Johnson takes us on a 10-minute tour of The Ghost Map, his book about a cholera outbreak in 1854 London and the impact it had on science, cities and modern society.

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