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5 Visually Stunning Data-Driven Maps

5 online maps visualizing data in unique ways
Data on it’s own is boring. But take that data and visualize it on a map, and that data springs to life. Not only can mapped data be fascinating to explore, but also can reveal powerful insights in a way that’s easy to understand. We could easily boast about what were doing with our own data mapping visualizer – Kiwi, but we won’t. Here are 5 more data-driven maps worth checking out:

1 –
This map shows most of the AQI(Air Quality Index) monitor in the world. Displays AQI readings temperature wind speed and other useful data for air pollution monitoring.

2 – Global Forest Watch
Google partnered with 40 other organizations create a near-real time online forest monitoring system that empowers people everywhere to better manage forests.

3 – Submarine Cable Map
This map catalogued 263 undersea cables. Each country is colored according to how many international submarine cable system links are connected there.

4 –
Visualization of global weather conditions, updated every three hours.

5 – Sights map
This sightseeing popularity heat-map is base on the number of Google Panoramio photos taken at each place in the world. shows the most popular and interesting places for tourism and sightseeing.

 By Kay Li 
 Data Management Specialist

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