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5 Ways To Celebrate Christmas In China

'Tis the season to be 快樂

What’s there to do in China for Christmas? As it turns out, quite a lot, so don’t just sit at home and wait for your lump of coal from Santa this year, get out there and celebrate. Here’s 5 ways to do it:

1 – Go Ice Skating
Ice skating can be a fun way to enjoy the cold, Christmas, and sitting around doing nothing for days afterwards because your legs are too sore to move. If you and your sense of balance are up for a skate date, you’re in luck; There are lot’s of places to get your skate on in China. 
Check out this list of the top 10 skating rinks in Beijing.

2 – Go shopping in Hong Kong
Christmas typically means shopping till you’re dropping, and if you’re going to drop or shop, Hong Kong is a great place to do it. Hong Kong shopping malls spare no expense in their Christmas spirit of decorating and santa men, which means you really will feel like it’s Christmas. Take a look at some photos on this Pinterest dedicated to “
Christmas in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong also hosts a number of Christmas-themed activities as part of it’s annual
Winterfest celebration.

3 – Christmas party in Shanghai
Shanghai knows how to throw a good party, which remains true for Christmas as well. From DJ’s, costume parties, bar crawls and more, something special’s out there waiting for you. 
Check out this list of Shanghai’s best Christmas parties.

4 – Eat Christmas dinner in style
All that shopping, ice skating and partying is bound to make you hungry for a Christmas feast. Don’t worry about putting it all together yourself, there’s a lot of “full-feast” options at restaurants in most major cities. Here’s a list of 
Christmas eve dinners in Beijing.

5 – Finally see the Nutcracker
The Nutcracker performance has been hugely popular since the 1960’s and continues to be a popular show to see during the Christmas season. Watch the famous toy come to life in 

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