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7 Of The Most Popular Chinese Brand Chain Restaurants In China Today

These homegrown restaurant chains in China are growing fast.

As the pace of life picks up and disposable incomes continue to grow, modern Chinese consumers are indulging in the fast food phenomenon, but in addition to the well known international brands, China’s own restaurant brand chains are growing in both size, recognition and popularity. Here are seven Chinese restaurant chains that will continue to grow this year.

1 - QUANJUDE 全聚德

A famous roast duck restaurant since 1864, QUANJUDE serves over 6 million ducks every year. with a characteristic flavor, government leaders, officials and VIPs from nearly 200 countries have visited QUANJUDE roast duck restaurants and had dinner there. In 1999, QUANJUDE was awarded the title of “China Renowned Trademark”.

2 - Kungfu 真功夫

A Chinese restaurant since 1994, Kungfu currently has over 530 stores in china. Kungfu uses a unique computerized steam cabinet system to standardize their preparation process. Kungfu is by far one of the most recognizable fast food brands in China today. Their slogan, “Get your meal in 60 seconds” helped them climb to the top of busy minds.

3 - Dicos 德克士

Dicos is considered the best western fast-food brand by a Chinese company. Their main product is “Crispy Fried Chicken”, while serving other local flavors
like rice burgers and Teriyaki chicken rice sets.

4 - Yonghe King 永和大王

Yonghe King is a 24hr Chinese food restaurant, which currently boast about 310 stores in their china network. In recent years they’ve been developing partnerships with vending machine companies to sell higher volumes of their popular lunch meal sets to customers on the go, who can even order their meals through a free smart phone app from the brand.

5 - Da Niang Dumpling 大娘水餃

Da Niang Dumpling is the largest dumpling chain restaurant in china, with over 300 stores in their network, but Da Niang does’t just sell dumpling in their restaurants, they also set up a factory that mass-produces their dumplings for selling in supermarkets across China.

6 - Malan Noodles 馬蘭拉麵

With a network consisting of over 700 stores throughout China, Malan Noodles represents one of the most successful Chinese fast-food restaurant brands in operation today. Their traditional hand made noodles from North China are popular with a large demographic.

7 - Little sheep 小肥羊

This inner Mongolian restaurant with a global business vision specializes in hot pot, condiment processing and meat processing. Little Sheep currently has over 460 restaurants in China, but have also expanded to the United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, and South Korea with plans to expand even further in the coming years.

 By Kay Li 
 Data Management Specialist

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