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8 Of The Best Roundup & Prediction Posts

The best of 2013 roundups and 2014 predictions.
Well it’s the very end of the year, which means you’ve been seeing a lot of “roundup” post ( ex: best of 2013 ) and prediction posts ( ex: coming in 2014 ) on blogs and websites this holiday season. Here’s 8 worth reading:

1 – 8 Tech Trends To Watch In China 2014
Too many prediction posts end up being boring reads because they play it too safe when it comes to their “predictions”, but TIA actually stick their neck out a bit on this one which makes it one of the best prediction post I’ve read for China.

2 – Forbes Predictions For 2014
Forbes knows their business, and their 2014 predictions posts both reflects this and goes a bit beyond. Forbes covers business, tech, entertainment and more all in one 2-page post.

3 – Unforgettable Weather 2013
A lot of this “unforgettable” weather occurred in Asia this year, which makes weather roundup video a relevant look back at something many of us experienced. Plus, the graphics in this video are amazing and make it worth watching even if you don’t care about the weather.

4 – Top 5 Luxury Exhibits In China 2013
This one from JingDaily is a great look back at some of the truly spectacular exhibits luxury brands in China presented as part of their brand recognition strategy last year.

5 – Top Stories From RedLuxury 2013
RedLuxury, a blog focused on luxury retailing in China created a nice roundup of some of their best news and trend posts of 2013.

6 – Top GIS Predictions For 2014
From satellite imagery to mobile data, this blog post covers the geospatial spectrum and what might be coming down the pipe in 2014.

7 – China Daily’s Best Of 2013 Viral Videos
Here’s a fun one from China Daily covering all those viral videos you never actually watched but wished you had.

8 – 5 Asian Consumer Trends
Here’s a trend post that summarizes 5 Asian consumer trends to expect in 2014 according to a TrendWatching brief.

 By Chris Hubbard 
   Market Strategy

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