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8 Twitters Retailers In China Should Follow

#FollowFriday Twitter suggestions for retailers in China.
There are plenty of Chinese social networks retailers in China should be paying attention to, but Twitter is still a powerful place to discover both business and cultural news and events in China. And with Twitter's successful IPO recently debuting on the New York Stock Exchange you can expect them to be on the radar for some time to come. I’ve been using my own twitter account for years now to follow various China related topics and can recommend the following “Tweeters” to those who are looking to expand their “Twitter-verse” on #followfriday.

1 - WSJ China Real Time @ChinaRealTime

The China Realtime Report is a partnership between the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones. They tweet throughout the day specifically on China insight and analysis reports that focus on a “changing China”. It’s a great place to get insight based news reports on China, as well as predictions on where China politics, business, and culture may be headed.

Followers – 48,000
Followers of note – McKinsey China, Bain & Company, Jing Daily

2 - Jing daily @jingdaily

Jing Daily is an online luxury retailing magazine that tweets on trends and developments in the business of luxury and culture in China. Although their focus is notably on the luxury market, their tweets reach beyond this segment and are a great way to learn about cultural developments, brands, and commerce developments throughout China

Followers – 9,190
Followers of note – Lee Jeans, General Mills, Lamborghini

3 - Bill Bishop @niubi

Bill Bishop has lived in Beijing since 1995 and creates the extremely popular and extensive Sinocism newsletter, which covers a broad range of news and current events throughout China. Bill tweets about these, while infusing his own personality and opinions into his bi-lingual tweets as well.

Followers – 23,482
Followers of note – World Bank Asia, Global Markets, Cold Stone Creamery

4 - Shanghaiist @shanghaiist

The Shanghaiist is one of the most popular English-language websites in and about China, covering local news, events, food, and entertainment. They target a “young, hip and upwardly mobile” audience and get more then 700,000 visitors a month. Following them on Twitter is the perfect way to stay up-to-date on new stories and commentary.

Followers – 29,522
Followers of note – China Network, Asia Society, Carl’s Jr.

5 - Popup Chinese @popupchinese

Popup Chinese is actually a Mandarin learning site, which creates some of the best podcasts for learning Chinese. However, they also produce a fantastic podcast called “Sinica” which is a casual round-table style podcast covering a broad range of current events and topics on China. The podcast regularly features both long-time China expats, journalist and professionals in a variety of fields, but is more like chatting with friends about these issues then it is a lecture or news broadcast, which is why I love it so much. Their Twitter account is worth following.

Followers – 1,649
Followers of note – Shanghaiist

6 - Asia Society @AsiaSociety

Asia Society tweets about arts, business, culture, education, lifestyle and policy in Asia with the goal of “forging closer ties between Asia and the West” Asia Society tweets very often so there is always something interesting to click.

Followers – 39,880
Followers of note – PepsiCo, Vivienne Tam, China Economic Review

7 - NeochaEdge @NeochaEdge

Neocha Edge is a design studio and creative curator in Shanghai that tweets bilingual updates on new creative content and emerging youth culture in China. Although Neocha mainly tweets links to cool art and design projects, its a great way to stay on top of new creative trends and culture in China, something retailers, especially those in the apparel and luxury categories should be paying attention to.

Followers – 1,260
Followers of note – Shanghaiist, Asia Society, Jing Daily

8 - Red Luxury @red_luxury

Red Luxury is another luxury blog / website that covers retail, lifestyle, and digital trends within the luxury market in China. Not quite as popular as Jing Daily for luxury news, but still worth checking out from time to time, and definitely worth following on Twitter.

Followers – 1,981
Followers of note – Retail In Asia, McKinsey China

+9- getchee @getchee

 Here’s a “+1” and a bit of self promotion. We typically tweet links to new content on our blog, China related news or events, and join conversations on data. Follow us! @getchee

By Chris Hubbard 
  Market Strategy

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