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Lenovo aims to increase its store presence in Asia.
In a time when more and more retailers are focusing on online and mobile platforms to increase turnover, many retailers are beginning to refocus effort into building better brick and mortar locations that enhance experience. This is what Lenovo is set on accomplishing over the next few years in Asia.

Lenovo currently has some own-brand stores throughout Asia, but plans to greatly increase the number to about 1,000 throughout the region.

Perhaps largely influenced by Apple’s highly successful own-brand stores, Lenovo hopes to develop better brand awareness through brick and mortar locations.

Lenovo branded flagship and support stores may be just what the computer manufacturer needs to help augment online sales, build better customer confidence, and increase the quality of experience.

Working towards a more established ‘brick and click’ business model, much the same as Apple has done over previous years, Lenovo feels a physical store presence is important in remaining dominant in the PC market.

There are of course large inherent risks that come bundled with any physical retail network: rising costs of operations, rapid shifts in consumer behavior, and increased competition to name a few.

Our Thoughts

No doubt a brick and mortar presence is absolutely still needed to help establish consumer confidence and promote the brand. Choosing the right model to roll out new stores in Asia can be tricky.

Although the investment to open flagship stores and service centers would be considerable, Lenovo has much to gain by doing so.
If the brand focuses on improving the quality of service and experience through flagship stores where customers can touch, feel, and play with Lenovo products, they’ll be on the right track.

Some level of flagship centers and satellite support stores will be needed to increase brand visibility and increase customer confidence.

Information prepared by getchee, with sources: DigiTimes, Wikipedia

By Joshua Roberts 
  Creative Director


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