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Data In Emerging Markets Guide

35 page whitepaper on understanding, using, and the future of data in emerging markets.

We are now offering the 2014 Data In Emerging Markets Guide for free to all new subscribers. This 35 page whitepaper covers the following topics:

Understanding Data
- A Short History Of Geospatial Data
How Brand POI Data Is Made

Challenges With Data In Emerging Markets
Data Headaches In Emerging Markets
Field Survey Challenges For Retailers In China

Using Data In Emerging Markets
Using Geospatial Data For Strategic Benefits
Questions Data & GIS Can Help Banks Answer
How Data and Maps Can Help brands Expand Environmentally
Geospatial Tagging For Business
Using GIS in Retail and Banking

The Future Of Data In Emerging Markets
How Big Data & Social Media Are Changing Retail
Innovative Ways To Use Social Media Data
How Big Data Is Changing Retail Analytics

 By Chris Hubbard 
   Market Strategy

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