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Facebooks Geo-Marketing Revolution – Making Friends With The Future


Facebook recently announced a powerful new feature, called “Nearby Friends” which lets users know which of their friends in close proximity and where they have been previously. From a user perspective, “Nearby Friends” could make it easier for us to connect with friends when looking for someone to grab a coffee with or join an activity.

For businesses, it’s not difficult to imagine how this tool could improve on consumer marketing in the near future, enabling brands to send out targeted promotions based on where and when you are in a specific location, or based on when you might be in another location later.  Facebook’s new Nearby Friends is a clear example of how geo spatial applications really are merging with our daily lives now.

The goal of today’s geo-marketing ambitions by the likes of Facebook and Google is the eagerness to incorporate geographic location information into overall business processes, especially in regards to marketing. The most compelling reason for this is the fact that consumer market all vary by regions and the size and variance of these regions is shrinking. Because of this, it’s becoming a critical necessity to adjust strategies within ever shrinking trades zones

Facebook knows that improving location intelligence apps will both improve their social media user experience, as well as the business value of their product. With geo-marketing covering all aspects of business location applications including marketing planning, sales territory planning, retail store location strategy and product design, we can continue to expect innovative applications coming from companies using data.

By Sam Ho 
SVP, Data Intelligence

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