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General Schema of Retail Site Location Assessment_part 1

Decision-Making In A Macro Perspective
Crucial aspects for the success of smaller retail stores include location, dimension, services offered, and the targeting of specific market segments. Here we consider a phased decision methodology where we separate decisions about choosing geographic regions from choosing store locations within the region.

Macro Problem
In the first phase, define the Macro Problem based on: strategic policy for a network, zone, or region where new stores will be installed; the number of units to be built; along with implementation timing.

In the second phase, make the final store-site choice by narrowing down a selection of available locations, usually with the help of real estate agencies. For this decision level, the number of commercial and academically published models suggests that researchers feel a need for rational and formal use of information.

The third decision level, concerning store and services design is the level most linked to the concept of service quality and customer satisfaction. Focus on models that take into account store location (level 2) and the physical design of the facility. Furthermore, some application can be extended in the store characteristics and services definition (level 3).

Tab.  Decision levels involved in the expansion strategy of a retail network

  By Sherry Shi 
  Project Specialist

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