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Muji opens its 100th store in China, and plans to add 1000 more.
Japanese clothing and housewares retailer Muji on Saturday opened its 100th store in mainland China at Vanke Midtown shopping mall in Suzhou, the third store in the city.

Ever since it dabbled in China in 2005, Muji has expanded its network to 100 stores in 15 provinces, 4 municipalities and 29 cities. China now is the second biggest market for Muji by the end of 2013, right after Japan with 397 stores. The Japanese retail giant has adapted to China well and maintained constant growth in the market.

According to Masaaki Kanai, CEO of Muji’s parent company Ryohin Keikaku Co., Muji will work with Vanke, China’s biggest property developer, more in the future and open 1000 stores in the country.

Our Thoughts

I for one love this brand. The simplicity and usefulness of its products is really great. Muji has more than tested the waters over the last 8 years. Although their current store count is fairly low (comparatively), they are diversely spread across the market and have had a great opportunity to collect data and formulate a strategy to get them the next 1000.

This won’t come easy of course, but if the brand continues to work with local partners, and embraces a more data-driven and analytical approach to achieving its aggressive expansion plans, they’ll likely find success.

By Joshua Roberts 
  Creative Director

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