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How data can empower retail marketing campaigns?

Data-driven activities to target people highly likely to buy
O2O is a very good concept for retailers to truly engage with customers. Whether consumers purchase online or offline, the buying journey is much more important for brand owners to profile customers and predict their next move. Retailers need to dig out who the customers are and what they want through bunches of data, then push the right messages that they wont’ignore.

Identify business problems and set up objectives
Nowadays data steam from consumer’s daily life: from browsers of websites, apps of mobiles and tablets, from credit cards and transactions of POS, and any other digital track from intelligence devices. Data collection is no longer as difficult as it was in old days. Before analyzing the data, marketers should be very clear about what’s the ultimate goal for pulling out so much data. Specify business problems the company try to solve, so that marketers can ask the right questions while looking at abundant numbers without getting lost.

Now we are talking about how data could be helpful in optimizing marketing campaign.

Find out most desirable customers and most valuable customers
Sometimes we will get into the trap of always finding new leads. Marketers held a lot of campaigns to acquire new customers. Yet, the point is not how big the customer base; the quality counts. Instead sleeping customers, people visit often and be willing to buy more expensive option are the main contribution and loyal members. Reevaluate your existing customers and use creative ways to activate them.

Customize messages to target more precise segment of audience
In addition to traditional broadcasting advertisement, create tailored messages to different target audiences. With the analysis of transaction data, CRM data, and market data, we can likely predict customer preference, not wild guess. Since we figure out what they probably like and their intent for next move, we can provide best offer for the right groups to maximize the campaign results.

Use location analysis to get actionable metrics
Consider “where” factor in customer behavior analysis. Ask questions like where the customer purchase the product, where they surf the internet, or where they use specific service/apps. Do some research on target customers and other key market drivers (key accessibility, business, lifestyle, residential, tourist points, competitors, ant etc.). Use demographics, business point data for market overview and better environment understanding. Visualize high potential trade zones that you haven’t taped in. Marketers can always know where to put ads, digitally or physically, in the clusters people will actually purchase.

Above all, brands need to embrace digital channel to grab each chance of engagement with customers. The more data collected from consumers, the more we can increase success rate of marketing activities.

  By April Wu 
  China Market Strategy


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