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How To Find The Right Mall For Your Brand

A presentation by Edward Eng.

Presentation Summary
Finding the right mall locations for your brand retail outlets can be one of the biggest challenges facing network expansion professionals. In this getchee-8 presentation Edward Eng explains the basic steps to take in order to find the right mall for your brand.

Edward Eng is a Business Development Manager with over 10 years experience in emerging market research and trends that focus on retailing and food industries throughout Asia.

Who can benefit from this presentation?
This getchee-8 presentation is for anyone in the retailing industry who is looking to gain a better understanding of the steps needed in order to find higher quality mall locations for their brands.

What will you learn?
  • How to create a mall database
  • How to research mall trade zones
  • How to rank malls
  • How to pick a mall that suits your brand needs

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By Edward Eng 
Business Development Manager

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