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How to Use Geospatial Data for Strategic Benefits

Applying GIS in Lagos, Nigeria.
In 2012 getchee launched a large market mapping project in Lagos, Nigeria which is one of the first of its kind to be conducted in the region. Lagos, located in the West African country of Nigeria is the nation’s second fastest growing city, most prosperous, and with a population of over 16 million people, the largest as well.

Despite the rapid growth, one of the challenges getchee encountered during the project was the general paucity or lack of data.

Available financial, geospatial, and socio-demographic data is commonly outdated or limited in most emerging markets like Nigeria. To overcome this challenge, getchee started by procuring geospatial base layers and POI from a local vendor known as Spatial Technologies Ltd., “Nigeria’s foremost mapping and GIS solution provider”. We then improved the POI quality and usefulness by incorporating proprietary analytics and other getchee-obtained datasets. With these optimized datasets, getchee identified and described important and granular characteristics of Lagos that our clients in Nigeria could then use to improve sales performance throughout their networks.

Even though the total vendor-supplied data was a bit less dense than the datasets we typically work with in Asia, by using new data refining techniques, getchee-delivered outputs proved to be both meaningful and insightful. The refined output allowed the client to optimize their channels and substantively improve overall channel performance by developing objective, data-based business processes both on their own and with the active assistance of getchee. Although the paucity of data throughout emerging markets like Africa can appear to be a major barrier to conducting successful data driven projects for business in those regions, several innovative data polishing techniques developed by companies like getchee can still be used to leverage available data for improving both business performance and predictive analytics. getchee will continue to work with creative local partners to ensure our analytics and solutions are vibrant and effective.

 By Hiroshi Tomita 
   Business Analyst

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