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Mobile payment: from data collection to trade zone analysis

KFC, McDonald's to accept Alipay in China
KFC China fast food restaurants accepted Alipay mobile payments since July 2015. McDonald’s China also adapted Alipay in September 2015. Consumers now can use unique Alipay QR code in their smartphones to pay for the orders, which transactions will take only two seconds or less. It will be more convenient and efficient for both customers and cashiers. All KFC restaurants in the country only accepted cash payments in the past 27 years. Though Alipay simplifies the payment process, yet the benefit of creating consumer behavior database has been the main reason to accelerate the cooperation of these two industry giants.

For retailers in food and beverage or FMCG industry, knowing consumer behavior and target customer segments for different trade zones is as important as improving product and service quality. Classify customers into different groups in terms of different needs and characteristics to optimize its products and marketing mix for store performance improvement.

Usually, brand owners could pull out consumer behavior data from CRM database. Yet it’s hard to attract people to sign up for the membership program without big incentives such as discounts or exclusive deals. Now collecting consumer data through mobile payment makes it easier. Using big data technology to build customer profiles, to forecast the spending potential from purchase orders. Specify demographics like age, gender and behaviors like product-purchase interests in local areas. Identify high potential customers regarding different trade zones to enhance sales promotion and market strategy planning for better store performance. Different target segments in different trade zones could also be a good reference for the new store location selection, sales forecast and lease negotiations.

Mobile payment not only provides superior customer shopping experience, but supports the demands of O2O commerce. Retailers could also use big data analysis to find out who are the most desirable customers, and then create personalized offers which they are likely to buy.

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  By Eason Lin 
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