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Retail : Leveraging the Customer’s Line of Sight

Technoloy helps to avoid bad decisions in new site selection
“Location, Location, Location.” All real estate agents understand that location plays such an important role in the property value. Advertisers care about the visibility of billboards and signs in different locations. Telecom companies search for optimal sites to build cell towers to maximize the 3G/4G coverage. It involves not only two-dimensional geographic space on maps, but also whether buildings, trees, or mountains will obstruct the view or signal in the three-dimensional reality.    

Traditionally, retail franchise business relies on the local knowledge of real estate agencies for site selection. They probably will use scorecard to evaluate the visibility based on the field team feedback and customer survey results. Now, an innovative way of Geographic Information System (GIS) might be helpful to assess it in seconds: Line of Sight analysis.

Light of Sight

How does it work? The model creates a 360-degree view of 3D area which is visible from where you stand in virtual reality. You will not just see limited views in a particular angle. The secret sauce is that it could calculate all natural and urban obstacles in the surroundings, such as buildings, trees, or mountains, even considering the slope of terrain elevation in details. Initially, it was used in military operations only, including resisting ambush troops or sniper attack. Now, it is commercialized to special purposes relevant to the visibility analysis. For example, architects can analyze the views available from a large tract of land before designing any new building.

With Line of Sight analysis, investors could have a rough idea about how new urban development projects look like in the future without site visiting in person. Storekeepers would be able to forecast visibility of signboards and store exterior. It is helpful to avoid bad decisions, especially when lacking information straight from real estate agents.

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  By Ethan Li 
  Project Manager


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