Optimize Your Store Network Planning with Kiwi ™ - A Location Intelligence Platform
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Unlock powerful insights with ease.

Get real-time data to understand your consumers, competitors, and sales trends. Ask the right questions and test your hypotheses with our easy assessment and prioritization tools.


Make informed real estate decisions with Kiwi™.

Set your real estate goals, study market competition and trends, and identify geo-factors with our standardized granular market data for countries  across Asia the Middle East, and Africa.

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Find the perfect location for your new store!

Easily compare multiple sites and choose the location most similar to your top performers. Get all the information you need about the location and surrounding area.

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Efficient Data Sharing and Better Business Execution.

Get everyone on the same page with easy data sharing among stakeholders. Use data to gain valuable insights and inform local knowledge. Save time and money on data collection and reporting. Efficiently report business performance to managers.

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Get full visibility of your business. Manage your stores effectively.

Boost your retail strategy with Kiwi™! Our spatially-enabled dashboards provide total business visibility, from market planning to site finding, channel optimization, and market management. Easily get site approval and report performance with our platform.


Kiwi™ Features

Map Viewer

Visually explore the market for channel planning.

Market Explorer

Identify target areas and preview the market for channel planning.

Site Manager

Manage sites, competitors, trade zones and other location and attributes.


Overview the market, channels and business development.

Report Center

Generate reports in pre-defined format; export tables, maps and charts.

And more

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