A Location Intelligence Platform Built to
Manage Store Network Planning

Location Intelligence Platform


Share data more efficiently among stakeholders in organization.
Use data to inform local knowledge and insights.
Share & visualize
baseline data across
business units.
Integrate business data
and market data.


Link real estate, operations, finance, and channel development processes.
Reduce investment risk with objective information.
Enable market planning
and scenario testing.
Implement “Smart”
site selection
and evaluation.
Start building a better strategy right now!

Biggest Retail Challenges

Booming Online Sales

Physical store merchandising management 
needs changing and not directly linked to 
consumer shopping demands.

Big Data Application

Exploding data from multiples sources requires 
companies to generate insights faster 
in order to stay competitive.

Evolving Consumer Behavior

Brands must better track consumer shopping habits
and decision journey to sustain offline channels.

Unpredictable Market Trends

New market competitors and retail strategies
must be identified before they hit the bottom line.

Why caKiwi®

help to solve the problems?

Kiwi® enables non-technical business operations and strategy managers to easily track consumer trends and compare market data with channel performance - saving time and money.

Objective Data Insights

Data “at the fingertips” to assess consumers, competitors, sales trends and channel synergies.

Easy Assessment and Prioritization Functionality

Systematically ask the right questions, test hypotheses – all in real time.
Who Uses Kiwi®?
Dairy Farm
How Kiwi® Helps
retailers to resolve location needs.
    Know The Market
    Find The Best Locations
      Enable Data-driven Collaboration
How Kiwi® Helps
retailers to resolve location needs.

    Know The Market
    Find The Best Locations
     Enable Data-driven Collaboration
Kiwi® Features
Integrate market data, store location, competitors, demographics and target consumer behavior with key geospatial functions and features.
Map Viewer
Visually explore the market for channel planning
Market Explorer
Identify target areas and preview the market for channel planning
Site Manager
Mange sites, competitors, trade zones and other location and attributes
Overview the market, channels and business development
Report Center
Generate reports in 
pre-defined format; export tables, maps   and charts

More Than a BI Tool

Retail Expertise Focus

getchee incorporates over 11-years of best-in-class retail distribution process experience and skills into Kiwi.

Built-in Market Data

Kiwi® is bundled with standardized granular market data for cities in China, and Southeast Asia.

Not Just a GIS Software

Total Business Visibility

Spatially-enabled Dashboards show business performance at all levels of granularity.

Store Lifecycle Management

Kiwi supports retail distribution management strategy and execution - from market planning, site finding, channel performance to site approval and market management.
Key Functions EXP STD PRO
Data Management
Import/Export My Sites Data as Excel
Define Competitors
Customization for Site attributes, max 20 attributes  
Download Site Attributes in Batch  
Map Viewer
Base Map Switch
Data layer Viewing w/ Transparency Adjustment
Basic Market Data Layer - Demographics & Heatmap
Store Count Summary Viewing
Integrated Street View Window
Customized Layer designer  
Site Analysis
Basic Site Characteristic Analysis
Footfall Tracking Score and Analog Store
Cannibalization Analysis  
Magnet Cluster  
Scorecard Module (Modeling/Prediction)    
Network Planning
Area Finder & location grabber
Location Explorer
Trade Zone Finding  
Target Mall Prioritizing  
Site Performance Distribution Scatter Plot    
Generic Dashboard of Site Management
Standardized Site Report
Customized Site Report  
Advanced for Business
Import/Integrate Sales Performance Data
Data API for BI Connection, Export Only
On-Premise Host
Customization for Roles
Start building a better strategy right now!