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Starbucks in India

What does Starbucks in India mean for Asia?
Starbucks’s recent store openings in India aren’t exactly up-to-the-minute news since their first store opened about a month ago. However, it took the world’s largest coffee chain to highlight a recent trend in Asia. Many companies might know this already, but surely there are many others that are just catching on. The trend revolves around social settings.

With a very large young population and rising middle-class in India, the demand for cleaner and higher-end places to socialize at is growing rapidly. You could be selling lemonade and people would still come as Technopak’s chairman, Arvind Singhal has said. This is completely relevant across many regions in Southeast Asia as well. We’re starting to see a significant shift in the food service industry. Big players like Pizza Hut, KFC, and even 7-Eleven are capitalizing on this trend in the markets of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. All of these markets already revolve around the culture of quick eats on the go. But businesses are taking it to the next level.

By Edward Eng 
Business Development Manager

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