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Success with Location-Based Mobile Marketing

Stores use geofences to push e-coupons and target nearby customers
With the omni-channel trend rising, retail and bank industries keep on looking for new ways to boost their competitiveness, and differentiate themselves with others remain traditional. Geofencing is one of key technologies practically utilized in Location Based Marketing. It is an application in a software program that uses the global positioning system (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define geographical boundaries. Geofencing creates a virtual fence around a specific area= which could be flexibly defined based on the store catchment or ad campaign area.

How does it work? When marketing team decide to set up a campaign in high-foot traffic area for one or two months , to attract new potential customers  to visit physical stores nearby. Traditionally, marketers would hire temporary interns to distribute hardcopy flyers during rush hours. Yet they never know whether the efforts are helpful or not. With geofencing approach, marketers can easily track events results.

Push discount favors when consumers walk into certain areas
Marketers can generate a defined-radius catchment around multiple stores all at once in the very beginning. They can even freehand draw boundaries within the territory of competitors in digital maps, and then schedule better daypart together or individually, to activate the digital marketing campaign in minutes systematically. While potential customers enter these defined geofencing boundaries at the right time, either near the stores of theirs or competitors, apps with embedded SDK installed in the smartphones will trigger the pop-up banner or message. These promotion ads notify customers e-coupon or discounted products, which would lure them to walk into stores. Additionally, marketers can further calculate redemption rate precisely in terms of visit counts of customers using these e-coupons in the back-end system.

On the basis of many authentic experiments and studies, geofencing LBS advertisement drives much more cost profit ratio than the traditional flyer distribution . Therefore, it is important to consider how to apply the application in your operation and marketing campaigns.

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