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Retailers must embrace technology to provide a richer experience for customers.
Today’s customers are getting increasingly connected and tech savvy. A Motorola study showed that around 64% of shoppers aged 13 to 34 and 52% of shoppers aged 35 to 49 worldwide use their personal mobile device for shopping related activities.

In addition, he said a Cisco Digital Networking survey projects that broadband consumption will increase 13 times in the next 4 years, from 2013 to 2017. Forty seven percent of that mobile data traffic will come from Asia-Pacific.

“A lot of shoppers today browse online before they go to the store,” said Grace Ho, Head of Solutions Sales at Motorola Solutions, Asia-Pacific. “They also rely on third party validation through reviews published in social networking sites. Customers today have so many alternatives and sometimes they have more information than the sales associates. These are the main points that we are seeing. Retailers need to innovate.”

We’ve heard statistics like this before, and we all know these trends are coming, but what can retail do about it?

Our Thoughts

In a nutshell, retailers must focus on improving the quality of the customer’s experience. This should be done with physical brick and mortar locations as well as online stores.

Retailers need to connect with customers more closely so that they can personalize and customize the shopping experience.

Embracing new technologies that allow consumers to try before they buy, skip waiting in line, and receive coupons via their mobile devices while they are in the store can all play a role.

Technology can certainly play a large role.

Putting the customer’s experience as priority number one will help retailers understand what technology decisions they should make to improve the overall consumer experience.

Nothing has really changed, the customer is still king. The difference today is that they expect and need more. Retail must adapt to this shifting consumer demand, and embrace new technologies to win over consumers of the future by making their shopping experiences easier, more convenient, and fun.

By Joshua Roberts 
  Creative Director

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