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The Next Big Thing of Sky-high Applications


Previously we have talked about the use of commercial drones in research and rescue areas.  Click here to read more >>

There are more possible scenarios for flying drones.

  • Film drone – Filmmakers use a camera-carrying drone to shoot particular scenes from different angles.
  • Sport Game drone – To track and follow fast moving objects in high speed activities like motorcycling, speed boating, skiing and so on. 
  • News reporting

  • Farm planting monitoring – With carryon of farm chemicals, drones are able to kill insect or control disease.
  • Internet network distribution – Each flying drone carries an internet tower flying up 500m in the sky to ensure all Internet of Things (IoT) connection available. 
  • Logistic delivery – Drones deliver shopping goods, medicals, mails to us every day.
  • Real estate photography drones – Agents use drones to introduce high-end properties and surrounding neighborhoods with aerial view video.
  • Bank collateral property survey – a cost-effect way to use drone fly over listed mortgage property and estimate its value.

    Even though there are so many pretty future prospect, some issues need us to work hard to break through in a short time.
1. Power Endurance – Today’s battery technique allows small drones to fly within 20 minutes, which is far beyond all application required. The minimum requirement is at least one day flight. Fuel cell might be a good solution but drones need more advanced energy.
2. Against Extreme weather – It will be a joke if drones cannot operate in bad weather. Therefore, drones shield design is another important key.
3. Law and air management system – You wouldn’t like to see drones crash accident every second. Consequently, we need a system to monitor all flying drones, including X-Y-Z position, speed, bearing direction, identification. Assume that in the coming future, there are internet tower drones on the sky. IoT connections would help to organize drones order.

Moore’s Law indicates new technology developing quicker and quicker. Above issues would be solved soon. Eventually we’ll find the positive uses of flying drones, and we’ll create the right technology to make it all workable. So, welcome to the future world.

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 By Johnny Lin 
 Data Production Manager

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