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The Shift To Mobile Data Collection

The move from paper to mobile devices is changing the face of data collection.
Using mobile devices for field data collection also enables the ability to push custom survey requests to surveyors in the field, which then allows surveyors to spend less time traveling between survey areas and offices. A technical example of this is explained by Johnny Lin in the article on “Advancements in the use of GIS for business surveys”.

For frequently gridlocked cities like Jakarta and Lagos, mobile data collection methods present a significant amount of time and money saved, not to mention lowered error rates. Once data collected via surveys and mobile contributions are placed into a central geospatial database, companies can derive insights with increased data reliability for business strategy and lowering credit risk.

With data for analytical layers sourced from a growing database of field data, businesses can be assuaged of data reliability and more readily support the results. Business insights improve with more field data and time generated from a mobile data collection strategy.

 By Hiroshi Tomita 
   Business Analyst

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