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Top 10 GIS Feeds On Weibo Worth Following

For Weibo users looking for informative GIS feeds to follow,
here are our top 10 picks:

1 – ESRI China
Esri is probably one of the worlds most famous GIS companies in the world.

2 – Hexagon
Hexagon is a global supplier of measurement systems. They provide measurement results with industrial measurement data and geospatial information processing.

Astrium is a provider of comprehensive commercial earth observation data.

4 – Intergraph
Intergraph is a leading provider of engineering and geospatial software.

5 – SuperMap
SuperMap provides professional GIS platforms for government and enterprise.

6 – 3S News
3S News is the world’s first Chinese 3S Media in the world.

7 – Navimap
Navimap provides navigation maps and technology news.

NAVINFO provides GIS related and Big Data news.

9 – Tianditu
Tianditu provides authoritative and credible geographic information services.

10 – Baidu Maps
Baidu Maps is China’s largest provider of local mapping service online. Very similar to Google Maps.

11 – getchee
Of course we can’t pass up the opportunity to plug our own Weibo, follow for the latest news on emerging markets, GIS, and retail strategy.

 By Jamie Huang 
 Data Production Specialist

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