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Why SNO Is The New SEO For Retailers


Presentation Summary
The advent of the internet gave way to a flood of websites which created the sudden need for powerful SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) strategies, but as trends show retailers shifting their focus back to physical store networks, a new offline strategy is being embraced by retailers, SNO. In this getchee-8 presentation Edward Eng introduces the SNO concept and explains how retailers can start using it to update and enhance their retail strategies.

Edward Eng is a Business Development Manager with over 10 years experience in emerging market research and trends that focus on retailing and food industries throughout Asia.

Who can benefit from this presentation?
This getchee-8 presentation is for anyone in the retailing industry who needs to understand the latest strategy trends and technologies for retail expansion planning.

What will you learn?
  • How SEO came to be
  • Why attention is shifting from online back to offline
  • How to gain a better understanding of your retail networks
  • What SNO is and why it’s important
  • What retailers can do with SNO

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 By Edward Eng 
 Business Development Manager


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