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Why Tablets Should Be Part Of Your Customer Service Strategy

For customer behavior data collection and providing better service.

Look at the people on the street. Everyone has their head down, staring at their smart phone or tablets. They’re playing games, communicating watching news, shopping, and more.

Tablets have been a successful product because of their affordable price, scalable size, light weight and ability to stay charged while people go to and from destinations, while using the device the whole time. Now that the internet is available virtually everywhere, people are able to do more with their time. That’s a story of convenient service delivery.

A study from International Data Corporation (IDC), pointed out that in 2014 tablet use popularity, at over 65%, was the same in Asia as it was in the U.S. and Europe. [Tweet This Stat]

The fact that tablet popularity in the east is now on par with the west is a trend that all service based industries should be aware of. Consumers in the digital age want to have more information and service. Consumers expect brands to not only to provide traditional service platforms but also demand new forms of technology to meet their needs.

Here are a few ideas –

Apparel industry brands should design good interactive display services, such as providing 3 dimension models, which serve as virtual dressing rooms for customers. This would allow brands to collect costumer’s preferences, which can be used when creating the next line of products.

When consumers apply for Co-Branded Credit Card within Shopping malls and department stores, CRM staff could ask them to fill in the information on tablets in order to instantly and effectively capture valuable information such as where they live, favorite brands, brands rankings, wish lists and their social-economic data. This type of data represents a piece of what companies are now calling “big data” which is being leveraged by industry to better understand consumer behavior.

In the banking industry, when customers want to apply collateral for house mortgage, banks send surveyors to collect property data and its related environmental factors using tablets. Surveyors could check on-line maps to try and detect nearby influencers while using it to fill in scorecards with information such as house structure, format, age, inside/outside status. Photos with GPS coordinates can also be easily collected and shared. Surveyors would then be able to submit the result to a data center at the same time as collection for further analysis.

Generally speaking, tablets improve working efficiency a lot. Industry should pay attention to integrate tablets with customer service strategy for long-term benefits.

Tablets will continue to grow in popularity with Asian consumers. Smart retailers and banks should start integrating tablets into their customer service strategies as soon as possible.

By Johnny Lin 
Data Production Manager

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